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Abdominoplasty (TUMMY TUCK SURGERY)

It is a method applied to the remove of abdominal skin sagging with regional and unwanted fat tissue in abdomen and belly area. Especially  pregnancies and losing weight cause strias and the dangling of abdominal skin. The herniation due to the looseness of the abdominal fascia, which is called diastasis & rectus diastasis and is the main barrier in the anterior abdominal wall due to weight gain and gestation, is corrected by “tummy tuck” surgery.


Abdominoplasty  is performed in the area where previous cesarean section is allowed with general anesthesia. During the operation, fat and skin excesses are removed and the looseness in the structure, which is called “abdominal fascia”  between the abdominal muscles and serves as a kind of inner corset, is repaired.


The duration of the operation is about 2 to 4 hours. The hospital stay is 2 days. Patients may arrive at the outpatient clinic one week after surgery without first receiving assistance. There is no obstacle to daily work with the prohibition of heavy work (heavy sports, cargo movement) requiring the use of abdominal muscles for 4-6 weeks from the operation. At this time a corset must be worn for protection.


Your general health condition, abdomen, waist and other areas of fat and distribution of fat, puffiness and excess skin of the abdomen and skin quality is determined. During this examination; You should provide accurate and detailed information about your illnesses, your current health problems (diabetes, etc.), your habits (especially smoking), and medications you use (aspirin, tranquilizers, etc.). Another thing you need to tell your doctor during this examination is the reason why you want this surgery and what you expect from this surgery.