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Breast Augmentation


Patients aplly for  aesthetic surgery due to the small size of their breasts, complaining of asymmetry of their breasts or after loss of volume of their breasts after breastfeeding or weight loss. During examination, the size of your breast, the structure of your skin, the width of your chest wall and shoulders, your neck and most importantly your expectant breast size will be determined for you.  

Breast augmentation surgery is performed with breast prostheses. Presently, the lack of a better alternative to the prosthetic alternative makes the prosthesis the gold standard. The efficacy of breast enhancement pills, creams or similar applications has not been proven.   Breast prostheses shapes can be round and anatomical drops. One of these is selected according to the situation in the patient’s examination.The surface of the prosthesis has been produced in a rough shape so that it can fit into the surrounding tissues.   According to the details explained to you before the surgery, the duration of surgery is usually one hour, varying.The operation’s performed under general anesthesia, the patient is usually hospitalized for 1 night after surgery in full-fledged hospital conditions. After a few days the patients may return to their daily life. It is necessary to avoid heavy physical activities during recovery.  We do not recommend pregnancy for one year after surgery.