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Face lift (facial rejuvenation) surgeries are surgical procedures designed to correct some of the findings of aging on the face and neck. As age progresses, saggings,  relaxation, loss of elasticity and weariness in the skin and muscles of the face. These surgeries are not the ones that stop aging; Deep and deeper tissues beneath the skin, with the recovery and lifting of the face to get a younger look. Face lift surgery can be done alone, as well as with eyebrow liftinglipofilling, eyelid surgery  etc. Ideal for facelift operations are areas where the skin and the bone begin to loosen on the face and neck, but are still in place of the skin elasticity and the bone structures. Facial rejuvenation surgery includes details to be planned for each person as a result of a careful evaluation. The best candidates for face lift surgery are patients with excess skin and deplaced fat pads but with good skin quality and well-defined bone structure.

The midfacial liftin is performed as the uptake of the cheek/buccal tissues, which are displaced downwards because of aging due to gravity. Facial rejuvenation operations usually take 2-4 hours. They are done under general anesthesia in full-fledged hospital conditions and the patient is hospitalized for one night after surgery. After a couple of weeks patients can return to their daily lifes.