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What is the Percutaneous Technique?

Percutaneous technique is usually applied to people with not a big bald area and between the hairs. The difference of this hair transplantation technique with the other methods is that it is usually applied to areas with thin hair, scar tissue and frontal hairless areas. The percutaneous technique is a method that intervenes in small spaces without damaging the existing hairs. In this process, the root is removed from the donor area to the recipient area with a special percutaneous fine pointed which is used to open the channels where the roots will be placed. The characteristics of the channels are not flat but rounded. With the Percutaneous technique, approximately 40-60 roots can be implanted in 1 cm2, it can be implanted even more but this density is quite satisfactory.

Advantages of Percussion Technique

Naturalness in hair transplantation means intensive transplantation of hair in the bald area with a correct angle. Since this is a very difficult process to obtain, the possibility to implant roots is at maximum of 2500-3000 per day.

Percutaneous healing process after transplantation

In Percutaneous technique the heal process is about 2-3 days, this because of the fine needles used during the operation, which don’t leave any kind of scars, that’s why Percutaneous technique is recommended  especially for beard, mustache and eyebrow.