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Hyaluronic Acid based fillers are savely used for thickening of the lips, clarification of the lip contours, asymmetries, forehead, periobital and rim wrinkles. Filling and degreasing the wrinkles of the nose-mouth fringe called “nasolabial sulcus”is also possible.


Examples of permanent materials are PMM (polymethylmethacrylate) and gel silicone. In terms of health, permanent filling applications are quite risky and the late period results are uncertain. Due to these reasons permanent fillers are definitely not recommended.


Durability of fillers is about 6 to 24 months varies from patient to patient. In hyaluronic acid fillers, the intermolecular bond and active agent concentration affects the duration and consistency of the effect. The permanence of efficacy varies according to the injection site and patient-specific qualities, other than the material used.