Direct Hair Implantation (DHI)

Direct Hair Implantation (DHI)
What ıs DHI transplantation and what is the difference with the fue method? DHI (Pen) method is an advanced, painless, and rapid healing process. It is possible to plant more hairs with the DHI method. Comparing to the FUE technique the DHI system doesn’t need to open the channels. The direction and naturalness given by the channels opening procedure in Fue technique, in DHI systems is done with the choi pens, the specialists use these pens to implant hair in the recipient area which is totally bald or to give more density to the hairs.


Advantages of hair transplant with choi pens:


The density is 60 to 80 grafts per square. This means that operation lasts longer than other techniques. As a result, the implant with the pen system can not exceed 2,500 grafts. Because the grafts must be kept in a certain temperature and sterile environment and the planting process must be ensured without losing the vitality of the grafts.


– It is not invasive, without pain.

– It is not necessary to shave the reception area.

– It can give more density.

– It has more precision and accuracy.

– The scalp and surrounding follicles are almost untouched.

– It is not necessary to use the scalpel to open the channels where the follicles will be deposited, so the wound is smaller and leaves no scars; With the implanter, it is easier and more convenient to control the tilt angle, depth and direction of the channel.

– Natural hair appearance and permanent results.


Recovery after operation:

Comparing to the other method DHI system has a faster recovery process and within 2 to 3 days the patient can return to normal life without any traces on his head.