Nov 15, 2019 07:29
Things you don't have to do it after hair transplant procedure
Your adherence to the instructions given by hair transplant experts will increase the quality of your procedure's result .



This is a set of instructions provided by hair transplant specialists to get the best result of hair transplant and avoid the side effects that may accompany hair transplantation:


- You should sleep on your back for 10 days.

- Do not regularly bend over, lean forward or blow your nose violently on the first week.

- Do not smoke, drink coffee, eat salted, alcohol, cola for 10 days.

- You should consume (2,5 -3) liters of water per day.

- Do not be exposed to rain 10 days.

- Avoid from sexual relationship for 10 days.

- Protect your scalp from direct sun exposure and from overheating for 10 days.

- Do not (swim, take hot bath, have a sauna) for 45 days.

- Avoid heavy sports and similarly avoid heavy weight lifting for 45 days.

- Do not use comb for 3 months.

- Do not cut your transplanted hair with hair cutting machines for a year.

- You should cut your transplanted hair with scissors for 6 months and you can cut your hair "except for transplanted area" with hair cutting machines after a month later.

- Do not paint your hair for 6 months.