Hair Simulation

Hair Simulation
A healthy person has an average of 100,000-150000 hairs. Different factors as: environmental factors, genetic structure, used hair products (shampoo, spray, gel etc.) and stress can be a cause for hair loss in both men and women.



Hair simulation – (Scalp pigmentation) is a completely painless and no bleeding process, taking about 2-5 hours depending on the area of the process. During the procedure, is not used narcosis but local anesthesia is applied with a cream. Hair simulation can be applied comfortably to ladies and men.


Environmental factors (cold and hot water) don’t affect the paint and don’t change the color. With this method real hair roots, hair structures and colors are imitated with the help of special devices, in bald areas are made epidermal micropigmentation applications. Hair simulation is not a hair transplantation. Hair simulation can be done 1 month after hair transplantation and it doesn’t affect the operations of hair transplantation. On the contrary, if hair transplantation and hair simulations are done together, it turns out that they are complementary factors.


people with thin hair, people who have completely lost their hair, people having alopecia), alopecia totalis and people who have similar diseases. People who had previously operation especially operation with the foot technique which leaves deep scars on the neck area.


In hair simulation, the paint used has not chemical content, but plant-based paint and water-based paints should be used.

After Hair Simulation

- The instructions should be carried out ten days after treatment.

- Showering is possible two hours after treatment.

- Exposure to the sun is prohibited.

- Do not bathe in the ocean or pool for at least 10 days.

- Use of a sauna is strictly prohibited.

- Do not itch or peel in the treatment area.

- Apply a cream following the cosmetician recommendation twice a day for ten days.