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Hair Transplantation and Natural Appearance

Hair Transplantation and Natural Appearance

Does Hair Transplantation Provide a Natural Appearance?

The hair transplantation is the way to earn  the hair again in the most natural way and permanently  for all those people  who has suffered from hair loss. The bold area is a region where the patient’s own healthy hair will be added from the neck area where the ​​hair loss is not experienced, the operations of hair transplantation provide permanently hairs.

Many procedures have been tried to resolve this problem before hair transplant operations. There are still treatments to resolve hair problems by strengthening hair roots and ensuring healthy hairs. However, in many cases, hair transplantation is the permanent solution for loss hair.

The FUE method, which was first applied in 2002, is now the preferred treatment method for hair transplantation all over the world. Under local anesthesia, the method does not require cuts or sutures and therefore does not scar the tissue.

How hair transplantation works?

Hair planting should be initiated by projecting to provide a natural appearance and to transfer the healthy hair of the person to the bald area. In certain areas behind the head (behind two ears), on the contrary to the top and front of the head, there are genetically resistant hairs. In the process, the healthy hair follicles in this area are extracted and then implanted to the area with baldness.

To who can be applied the Hair Transplantation?

To women who are looking for a hair regrowth with the desire to regain the spilled hair or want to give more density.  After an examination of the head situation, if  the request will be appropriate the operation will be done. One of the greatest concerns of women is whether their hair should be cut short before the hair transplantation. Operations can be done without cutting the hairs. In men, there is usually a spill on the top of the head and on the frontal part. Sometimes they just have hair loss on the tops. Male hair loss is a normal process given by the hormonal influences. The cells that produce hairs die with time that’s why problem of thinning and lengthening in the hair start to appear, bringing the person to the baldness.

Natural looking hair transplantation can be applied to men and women after 20 years of age. Like all medical operations, before the hair transplantation  an individual examination has to be done  to determine what is necessary for the person, the method  applied and the process that it will be done. While some patients need additional treatment before some the hair transplantation, some others may be able to solve without needing hair transplantation. In addition, all factors such as the hair structure of the person, the growth state of the hair and the spill characteristics, the stories of the individuals in the family, the condition of the hair in the area to be transplanted, the age and health status of the person will be evaluated by the expert.

An important point while planning the treatment before hair transplantation is that the healthy status of the area where the hair will be extracted. Patients whose hair loss is expected to continue or whose age is completely stopped are evaluated in different ways. Since hair loss around the age of 40 will be completely stopped, this is the ideal age to get the most effective results in one session. Sometimes it may be advisable to wait for patients’ hair to stop flowing in order to avoid 2nd 3rd sessions. Heart and blood pressure patients are also evaluated in the same way. The selection of the correct and good hair transplant center and the expertise of experienced hair transplantation will be an important factor in finding a natural and permanent solution for the patient. People who decide to research about hair transplantation usually start by researching the best hair transplant center and doctor. The point to be taken into consideration in this research is that people should research for experts working in this area and it is absolutely necessary to choose a center of hair transplantation approved by the Ministry of Health. The goal in hair transplantation is to transfer the healthy hair of one’s person to the area where there is baldness to provide a natural appearance. In certain areas behind the head, contrary to the upper and lower parts of the head, there are genetically resistant hairs. In the process, the healthy hair follicles in this area are extracted and then implanted to the area with baldness.

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