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What Should I do Before Hair Transplantation?

What Should I do Before Hair Transplantation?

What Should I do Before Hair Transplantation?

What are the things to do before  hair transplantation surgery and  to obtain more successful results? These are the things to pay attention before hair transplantation.

  1. If you drink alcohol, alcohol consumption should be stopped at least 3 days before the operation.
  2. Medications such as aspirin that dilute the blood should not be taken at least a week before the operation.
  3. Products such as lotion and hair cream should be left 1 day before operation.
  4. Before the decision to do the hair transplantations, diseases such as blood pressure, sugar, heart and stomachache should be specify and also the treatment and the medication took for those diseases.
  5. After the washing hair the day of operation, it is necessary to come again to the health center.
  6. Before and after the operation it is recommended comfortable dresses. Clothes that do not need to be pulled out like a buttoned shirt which would be easier to be taken off during the operation.
  7. If you are a smoker, it’s better to smoke less the day before the operation. For example up to 10 cigarettes for 1 packet smokers.
  8. Do not drink beverages containing caffeine (coffee, coca cola) 1 day before the operation.
  9. Breakfast is recommended before coming to the operation, such as lunch during the operation.
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