Ways You Don't Realize You're Damaging Your Hair

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Ways You Don't Realize You're Damaging Your Hair
Taking care of hair helps to reduce its fall and increase its density, so we must stop all practices that lead to damage our hair. In this report, we have identified some of wrong practices we are doing every day and hurt our hair:


Wrong combing

Long hair can not be combed in one motion from the roots to the ends. This will only lead to hair loss and damage. Always hold your hair with your hand when combing. In order not to have a strong pull at the roots. If in some places the hair is very confused. First, gently remove them with your fingers, and then you can comb them.


Rarely hair cutting

Stylists often tell their customers that they need to cut their hair every two months. The trouble is that the ends of the hair are split. Then your hair as a whole becomes weaker. They especially lack moisture and nutrition. Therefore, if you want your hair to be always healthy and shiny, go to the hairdresser regularly. This is the rule for those who grow their hair. In any case, dry ends need to be cut.


Using hair dryer a lot

If you often straighten your hair, your hair will become dry and brittle. Hot stylers evaporate the liquid from the hair. So, they will constantly be short of moisture. Shampoos and masks with this problem can not cope. You do not need to abuse hot straightening. The same situation with a hair dryer. The maximum regime, which quickly dries the hair, does not need to be turned on. No matter how slow you are!


Exaggerating in hair decorating

We believe that you have a whole arsenal of tools for styling. But please do not pour everything at once! Oil, thermal protection, foam, and then more and varnish … Do you really think that hair will like it? Any, even the best cosmetics has a chemical make-up and makes your hair heavier. There is also a well-known rule: everything is good in moderation. In addition, if nature has already awarded you with beautiful hair. Do not get carried away by experiments and try to achieve perfection.


Stay on the same shampoo

Usually people are divided into two camps. Those who believe that shampoo should be changed once a month in order to avoid addiction. And those who have found their shampoo and do not change it ever. In fact, everyone is mistaken. Our hair changes its condition and requires different care. If you used shampoo against grease a year ago. This does not mean that you still need it. Means for oily hair dried. And maybe you need a new shampoo for a long time. In addition, the quality of the hair depends on the hormonal background and other reasons. Therefore, you need to change the shampoo if necessary, keeping an eye on the hair condition.


Dealing with wet hair

When the hair is wet, they are especially vulnerable. The fact is that water makes hair heavier. When you carelessly wipe them with a towel, there is a risk of losing even more hair. Therefore, gently drying the hair with a towel massage movements. You can comb them only with a comb with sparse teeth.